Hair removal

Discover a world without waxing, tweezing, or shaving

Hair removal is the #1aesthetic treatment among non-invasive procedures.

Hair removal using DPC technology 
Dynamic Pulse ControlTM (DPC) is a proprietary light-based technology used for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. One of its clearest advantages is that it has a shorter treatment period in comparison to traditional IPLs.

How does it work?
Dynamic Pulse ControlTM (DPC) technology is a powerful light-based technology that effectively targets the hair follicle without harming any other parts of the skin. During the treatment, the heat energy denaturizes the melanin in the hair follicle, and as a result, that follicle cannot grow new hair.


Two weeks following the first treatment you will begin to see results and significantly less hair will grow back. Additionally, with each treatment, the amount of hair regrowth will decrease. 

The typical regimen is 6-10 treatment sessions, spaced 4-12 weeks apart. Treatment time depends on the are being treated. The average treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.

SharpLights’s DPC treatments are non-invasive and safe. During the procedure, there may be a slight 1-2 second, momentary tingling sensation that may be felt, but no pain. The treatments leave you with zero downtime so you can get them done between your errands or lunch hour and quickly return to your daily routine. 

About 20-25% of human hair follicles on the body are in the active growth phase at any given time. This is the percentage of the hair follicle that can be destroyed in a single treatment session. In order to eliminate up to 90% of the hair, treatments should be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Why you should choose hair removal with SharpLight?

-Non-invasive, long term hair reduction

-Clean and pain free treatments

-Safe and effective solution

-Noticeable results after the very 1st treatment

-No downtime

-Treatment all year round

CC Peel

Carbon Correcting Laser Peel

Sharplight Q-Switch technology sends energy in rapid bursts focusing on the epidermis. The carbon is blasted away by the laser energy, aiding in the removal of debris found in the pores and dead skin cells. Thermal effect produced by the laser has the ability to stimulate collagen production, leaving flawless and youthful looking skin. 

This treatment can be added to a Skin rejuvenation Photo Facial or a Fractional treatment!

Benefits of the CC peel


*Restores skin integrity and radiance

*Eliminates the need to extract comedones

*Targets P. Acne bacteria

*Normalizes skin cell layering (hypercornification)

*Safe and effective for all types of acne


*Restores skin integrity and radiance

*Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

*Increased skin tone and texture

*Stimulates collagen growth

*Large pores shrink

*Yellow/brown pigmentation patches fade


When performing the laser treatment, a layer of carbon lotion is applied to the entire face and allowed to dry over a period of 10 minutes. The Nd:Yag Q switch laser is used to heat and blast off the carbon particles. The laser light is absorbed by the carbon lotion focusing the laser energy on the epidermis. As the laser moves across the skin, the carbon lotion is gently blasted off, exfoliating the skin & removing debris in the pores. The treatment minimizes pore sizes and the thermal effect of the laser stimulates collagen renewal. After the treatment, your skin will be cleansed and a moisturizer or sunscreen is applied.

No, the treatment is non-invasive and gentle, most people describe the sensation as a warm tingling feeling. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish (please allow an extra 15 minutes for consultation.)

A visible difference between should be noticed with one individual treatment, however a series consisting of 4-6 treatments with 2-4 week intervals (depending on your skin type and concerns) is advised for maximum results. As the CC peel treatment gives an instant improvement to skin tone and texture. Some people like to have a single session to have glowing skin before a big event or a night out.

You will see a reduction in pore size, fine lines and blemishes. The overall appearance of the skin will be improved and rejuvenated, giving a more youthful appearance. The skin is often slightly pink immediately following the treatment, but this subsides after a few hours, and makeup or sunscreen may be applied directly after the treatment.

There is no restriction of daily activities after the treatment. It is advised to stay away from excessive sun exposure during the treatment period. Make-up can be applied after treatment, aesthetic products for acne, hyper pigmentation, or wrinkles can be applied the next day.

Why should you choose the SharpLight CC peel

-Effective for long term reduction of wrinkles

-Visible results from the 1st treatment

-Pleasant & pain-free treatment

-Safe & completely non-invasive

-Suitable on a variety of skin types

-Restores skin radiance

Scar Reduction

Say Goodbye to Scars and Hello to Smooth Skin

Scar reduction using Fractional Laser technology

Today, more than ever before, you can eliminate or significantly reduce the appearance of scars. Sharplight’s Fractional Laser technology structurally changes the skin’s scar tissue and restores its natural appearance. Treatment is non-invasive, fast and effective and will give you the smooth complexion you desire.

Scars form for different reasons such as cuts, sores, burns, acne and even chicken pox. Their severity also depends on several factors such as age, ethnicity and the location on the scar.

Thanks to technological advancements in aesthetic medicine, it has never been easier to eliminate unwanted scars. The treatment is very safe, highly effective and only in a few treatment sessions, your scars can be a thing of the past.

How Does it work?

SharpLight’s treatment uses an advanced Er:Yag 2940 Fractional Laser. The treatment is unique since unlike traditional lasers that ablate large areas of the skin, the Fractional Laser ablates only a ‘fraction’ of the skin. It does this by ablating micro-columns in the skin. The columns are separated by heathy tissue, which quickens the recovery period. The depth of the micro-columns can be adjusted to reach the source of the scaring. Following the ablation, the body replaces scarred skin with structurally correct healthy tissue, and the scar is significantly less noticeable.


Although results are apparent after the very first treatment, a minimum of 3 treatment sessions are recommended in order to reach visibly clear results. Treatments can take approximately 20-40 minutes depending on the area being treated.

SharpLight’s laser treatments are non-invasive and safe. Depending on the patients needs and expectations, the laser energy can be set to different strengths to affect varying depths, allowing practitioners to provide patient-tailored treatment plans.

The advantage of the Fractional technology is that it delivers impressive scar reducing results. The Fractional is significantly more gentle than other lasers with tremendous downtime. The best part of the procedure is the ongoing tightening patients experience during the healing process.

Why should you choose scar reduction treatment with Sharplight?

-Clinically proven to remove scars safely and effectively

-Non-invasive and fast treatment

-Visible results from the 1st treatment

-Effective on a wide variety of skin types

Skin Rejuvenation Photo Facials

Reclaim your skin’s natural beauty

Skin rejuvenation using DPC technology Dynamic Pulse ControlTM (DPC) is a proprietary light-based technology that delivers outstanding skin rejuvenation results from wrinkle reduction, to improving skin tone and texture. Treatment is completely non-invasive, fast and painless.

You, only younger

There are so many factors out there that prematurely age your skin: the sun, pollution, smoking, malnutrition….But this doesn’t mean you have to just accept it! Today, more than ever, you can easily fight the signs of aging and restore your skins youthful appearance.

The demand for skin rejuvenation treatments using light-based technologies have dramatically increased over the past several years. In North America alone, they are the 4th most popular non-invasive treatment.

How does it work?

During treatment, DPC pulses are emitted onto the target area. Depending on the condition that is being treated, your aesthetic practitioner can choose the best energy level – from very high to low pulses. The pulses penetrate the dermal layer of the skin and heat up the tissue. The heat causes the collagen fibers to contract, which yields immediate skin tightening results. It also stimulates the body to create new collagen, which helps the skin to restore its elasticity and firmness and delivers long-term results. 

You may see visible results after the very 1st treatment. Your skin will feel tighter and smoother. In order to achieve long-term results, it is recommended to undergo several treatments.

You might experience temporary redness in the treatment area which should pass within several hours

The typical regimen is an average of 5 treatment sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart for optimal results. A full facial skin rejuvenation treatment takes anywhere between 20-40 minutes, after which you can continue your daily routine.

SharpLight’s skin rejuvenation treatment is non-invasive and safe. During the procedure, there may be a slight 1-2 second, momentary stinging sensation that may be felt but no pain. The treatments have no downtime so you can get them done during your lunch hour and immediately proceed with your daily routine. 

Why you should choose skin rejuvenation with SharpLight

-Treats wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone, lax skin, textural damage, scars and more

-Visible results from the 1st treatment

-Minimal treatments with long-lasting results

-Non-invasive, safe, and reliable results

-Safe on a variety of skin types

Tattoo Removal

Rethink your Ink

Tattoo removal using Q-Switched laser technology 

The Q-Switched laser has established itself as the gold standard in tattoo removal. It effectively treats old and new tattoos of varying colors, depth and ink types. Treatment is completely non-invasive, fast, and you will be able to get rid of your unwanted tattoo in no time.

Tattoos always seem like such a good idea when you decide to get them, but sometimes their allure decreases with time. If you have a tattoo that you would like to be part of your past, the tattoo removal treatment can provide you with a fast, effective and completely surgery-free solution. You are not alone, tattoo regret is a incredibly common. As laser technology is improving, so is the demand for tattoo removal. In our most recent study, the number of treatments in North America alone rose by 13%, and laser tattoo removal was listed as the third nonsurgical procedure that saw the most significant increase. 

1 in 5 people regret getting their tattoo and 11% have had at least one tattoo removed

How does it work?

SharpLight’s tattoo removal treatment uses Q-Switched laser technology that targets the ink of the tattoo and applies localozed pulses of light aimed to decompress the tattoo’s pigment clusters. This laser light safely passes through the skin’s outer layer and is absorbed by the ink. The light creates an acoustic effect, which breaks the ink down into smaller particles, making the tattoo fade and eventually disappear.

Each tattoo is unique and requires a different number of treatments, depending on the depth of ink penetration, the size, age, and color of the tattoo itself. In order to see optimal tattoo removal results, you need approximately, 4-8 treatments in 8 week intervals. this ensures that your body has time to absorb the tattoo’s pigment residue and dispose of it safely.

Certain pigments and inks are harder to remove than others. Lighter colors are more difficult to remove because they do not absorb the laser light as easily as darker tones. That being said, most tattoos are treatable, with exception of white ink. During the pre treatment consultation, you will be advised regarding your specific tattoo.

SharpLight’s laser technology is gentle and safe on the skin> Patients most commonly experience some redness, swelling, and minor blistering after a treatment. Detailed aftercare instructions are always discussed with the patient on how to properly care for their skin after treatment.