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Having drank filtered water for many years, I recently met Kessler for business and was introduced to Kangen Water. In my case, I usually bring a water filter jug with me when I travel, but I didn’t bring it with me this time. For the duration of my visit, 4 nights my only option was to drink Kangen water 🙂

Through our many conversation/s, Kessler spoke about the benefits of Kangen Water… Since I am cautious about drinking water, I was a bit skeptical at first.

During my stay, I drank Kangen Water for four nights. On day two, I started drinking less water and asked myself, why? What’s going on? Though I usually drink 5-7 bottles of water a day. I found myself not reaching for my water bottle and felt detoxified and a lot less thirsty and groggy in the mornings.

After my last day at Kessler’s house, I continued my business trip from Vernon to Vancouver…

As soon as I arrived in Vancouver, I met my sister and went for a ride. I’m on an electric skateboard, my sister and boyfriend are on bikes… on the last stretch of the Stanley Park seawall headed for dinner, I said to my sister; we need to move it! As a friend was waiting at the restaurant for us to arrive… So naturally, I full-throttled my remote to the electric skateboard, reaching speeds of approx. 35km per hour… I really shouldn’t have been going this fast…

I slowed down after seeing a group of people crossing the bike path about 25 meters ahead, someone jumped in front of me, forcing me to jump off my skateboard…

After landing hard on my back and elbow, I realized OHOH; I got a cut on my elbow: To make things less stressful for my sister and boyfriend, I quickly got up, stood up and started moving again… I noticed my arm was covered in blood… As I arrived at the restaurant, I scampered into the washroom and cleaned my bloody arm… I looked at my arm and realized there was a BIG gouge and said to myself, “oh man, I gotta get stitches.” So I cleaned and greeted my guest at the table and my friend Cathy was looking at my elbow and said “we need to patch that up now” So we got some bandaids and closed it up and basically set it and forgot about it!

On my second day, I had some pain, but not enough for me to be bothered by it, I was enjoying the cruise around English Bay and the surrounding areas of Vancouver and totally forgot about my gouge.

After removing the bandaids on the third day, I was expecting some damage… After removing the bandaids, I became surprised by what I saw. The wound has already healed! It’s like when a superhero gets a cut, and the skin heals itself! I could not believe what I was seeing.

I looked in the mirror, “What the FRANK!” I kept looking at my elbow, shook my head in disbelief!. I met with my sister and Cathy again, had asked them, do you remember what the wound looked like? Then I showed them. They both looked at my elbow repeated, WHAT THE FRANK! They too could not believe what they were seeing… how did you heal so quickly?

I said to them both; “IT has to be the water! Kangen Water!”

Thank you for introducing me to Kangen Water Kessler.

With love,

P.S. My trip is illustrated by some pictures, unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the incident. Looking back at that testimony, I wish I had.